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Metro TOD Gold Line Specific Plan

Gold Line Station

What is the Plan?

The opening of the Irwindale Gold Line Station in 2016 provided a new, high quality transit option for residents and the large number of workers coming into the city every day. With the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Specific Plan, the city has an opportunity to focus on how best to shape future growth and development within the station area and in other key areas such as the civic core.

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What is Transit-Oriented Development?

TOD planning supports the creation of high quality urban development and public spaces around transit stations.  Traditionally, TOD involves compact development and a mix of uses, often including residential and commercial uses. TOD planning focuses on providing convenient, high-quality connections for people traveling to and from the station, with a special focus on supporting walking and bicycling.

Key Goals for the Irwindale TOD Gold Line Station Specific Plan include:
  • Support the use of the Metro Gold Line and other public transit
  • Create community identity and a strong “sense of place”
  • Provide convenient transit, bike and pedestrian connections
  • Attract future investment to provide new economic and employment opportunities
  • Enhance the quality of life for Irwindale residents, business owners, and local employees

Key Plan Components

Circulation and Land Use Study

  • Analysis of existing conditions such as urban character, land use types, walkability and transit connections
  • Economic Development Strategic Plan Strategies for land uses in the Specific Plan that may generate economic activity and growth in Irwindale

Specific Plan Document

  • TOD urban design plan; development standards; design guidelines; mobility, infrastructure, and implementation strategies

Environmental Compliance

  • Identify potentially significant impacts of the proposed Specific Plan

Community Involvement

  • There will be many opportunities to help shape the Plan through your ideas and feedback. The first community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 8. A second public workshop will be held in early Fall 2017.

Upcoming Public Meeting Information

Your ideas and opinions matter! 

Join us for a community outreach workshop on Thursday, June 8th at 5:00 p.m. 

This meeting will give community members an opportunity to learn about Transit-Oriented Development as well as the goals and purpose of the TOD Specific Plan. We will also engage in interactive activities and discussions about the study area and how the transit station can best serve the community.  We will discuss what types of development and land uses you’d like to see and how we can better connect parts of the city for people walking, bicycling, driving and taking transit. 


Irwindale Community Center

16102 Arrow Highway

For more info contact Marilyn Simpson, Principal Planner at 626-430-2209 or .


Irwindale TOD Gold Line Station Specific Plan Fact Sheet

Irwindale TOD Specific Plan Study Area Boundaries Map

Joint Development Ad Hoc Committee Meeting and Community Workshop Meeting Notes (June 8, 2017)

Funding for the TOD Specific Plan is provided by a grant from Metro.  Metro logo.jpg