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City of Hope Campus Plan
What is the plan?

The purpose of the City of Hope Specific Plan is to provide a comprehensive framework for the long-term growth and development of the 116-acre City of Hope Campus and its surrounding areas over the next 20 years and act as a bridge between the Duarte and Irwindale general plans and development activity throughout the Specific Plan Area.

 City of Hope Specific Plan Map

Project Summary

City of Hope Campus Plan would provide direction for the enhancement and development of the 116-acre project site over a period of approximately 20 years. City of Hope is an independent, nonprofit, comprehensive medical center and research facility. The proposed Campus Plan provides the vision, guidance, and implementation tools to govern the future of the campus. City of Hope endeavors to expand its research and treatment capabilities while accommodating the needs of its patients and their families, faculty, staff, and the community. The proposed Specific Plan is part of City of Hope’s commitment to transform the future of medicine.

The proposed Specific Plan contains required elements to encourage a broad range of design solutions to guide development and improvements. The proposed Specific Plan addresses the replacement of existing outdated and/or obsolete buildings with modern facilities, including outpatient (clinic), inpatient (hospital), research, office, industrial, warehouse, and hospitality uses. The Specific Plan also allows the development of parking structures, surface parking lots, internal roadways, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, open space, and other related improvements. Ultimately, City of Hope Campus Plan would create a more walkable and compact campus core that builds upon and enhances existing inpatient and outpatient facilities, research, office, assembly, parking, and open space uses. In addition, the Specific Plan proposes to consolidate modular buildings that are currently dispersed throughout the campus, demolish outdated buildings, and construct new floor area within larger development sites.

City of Hope Specific Plan
City Council Agenda Report (May 9, 2018)
Staff Report Attachments C-G

Draft EIR
City of Hope Campus Plan Draft EIR
Mitigation Monitoring Program

Initial Study
Notice of Preparation Comment Letter
Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Appendix
Construction Health Risks Assessment Report
Final Biological Resources Technical Report
Cultural Report Final with Apps
Paleontology Report
Geotechnical Summary Report
Environmental Data Resources
Hydrology Report
Low Impact Development (LID) Report
Noise Modeling Data August 2017
Draft Transportation Impact Study April 2017
Response to Fehr and Peers Memo April 2016
Campus Plan Final Parking Study June 2016
Parking Demand Rate Memo
Wastewater Analysis
Water Analysis
Water Supply Assessment Final
Public Services Correspondence
Findings of Fact/Statement of Overriding Considerations

Upcoming Public Hearings
Planning Commission - April 18, 2018

For more info contact Marilyn Simpson, Principal Planner at 626-430-2209 or