Pink Patch Project

What is the Pink Patch Project?Irwindale Police (CA) - Pink 2018

Our Pink Patch Project is an innovative public awareness campaign that is designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support City of Hope in combating the disease.

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. While the disease can have a profound impact on the patient and her loved ones, it is also one that can be effectively treated with surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy.

To learn more about breast cancer, breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis and risk factors, and breast cancer in men, visit the City of Hope Breast Cancer page.

The Pink Patch Project centers on a vibrant pink version of our police uniform patch, which was specially designed for us by North Carolina-based Emblem Authority. All of our police officers wear these pink patches on their regular police uniforms for the entire month of October each year during "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." The pink patches are intended to stimulate conversation within the community and to encourage public awareness about the on-going fight against this disease and importance of early detection.

The Irwindale Police Department has partnered with the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs' Association and several other public safety agencies across the nation and the world as part of the Pink Patch Project. For more information on the Pink Patch Project, visit their the Pink Patch Project website.

How Can I Be A Part of the Pink Patch Project?

The Irwindale Police Department is collaborating in this campaign with City of Hope, a world-renowned cancer hospital and research institution located in the San Gabriel Valley. As part of our initiative, the Irwindale Police Department is selling pink patches and other pink patch related items to the community. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go directly to City of Hope to fund the research, treatment, and education needed to help find a cure.

You can be a part of our Pink Patch Project by purchasing pink patches and items from us!!!  See all of our Pink Patch Project products on our PPP Product page.  

Pink patches and other pink patch items can be purchased at the Irwindale Police Department lobby (5050 N. Irwindale Avenue, Irwindale) during normal business hours. You may also purchase these items without visiting the police department by calling (626) 430-2244, ext. 347 or emailing us at