12761 Schabarum Avenue - Kaiser Permanente

Project Description

Kaiser Permanente proposes the development of a three-story, approximately 59-foot high, outpatient MOB with a maximum building gross square footage of 90,000 square feet (SF). An approximately 11,357-SF urban plaza will be located on the central portion of the project site along with a public amphitheater, east of the proposed MOB. Additionally, an approximately 1,200­-SF native garden will be located on the northern portion of the project site, immediately north of the proposed MOB. Based on information provided by Kaiser Permanente representatives, the following four existing specialty care departments at the Baldwin Park Medical Center campus would be relocated to the proposed new MOB: 1) Podiatry, 2) Ophthalmology, 3) Gastroenterology, and 4) Outpatient Surgery.

Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Draft EIR

Technical Appendices