500 Speedway Drive - Speedway Commerce Center Specific Plan

Project Description

The purpose of the proposed Project is to repurpose the Project site from a speedway to Industrial/‌Commercial/‌Business Park uses to increase employment opportunities in the City of Irwindale. Approval of the proposed Project requires discretionary approval of a Development Agreement, Site Plan and Design Review Permit, a Zone Change on the Project site from Heavy Commercial (C2) to Specific Plan, a General Plan Amendment changing the existing land use designation from Commercial/‌Recreation to Industrial/Business Park, approval of a Tentative Parcel Map, and approval of a Specific Plan. 

Irwindale Commerce Center Specific Plan Draft_2nd Submittal_11.03

Environmental Documents

Initial Study - April 2022


Notice of Preparation (NOP) - April 21, 2022

Notice of Completion (NOC) - April 21, 2022

Technical Appendices


Staff Reports


Upcoming Public Hearings and Meetings

Scoping Meeting (Notice) - Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. - Location: Irwindale Community Center, 16102 Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA 91706


For more information contact:

Marilyn Simpson, AICP, Community Development Director at 626-430-2209 or Email Marilyn Simpson.

Brandi Jones, Senior Planner at 626-430-2260 or Email Brandi Jones.