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Irwindale Public Library Survey

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  2. Irwindale Public Library
  3. Be a part of your community -- your library! We are seeking fresh ideas from the Irwindale community to help plan our brand new library. While the current library has served us well, a new library will give us more space, which means more library programs, more services, more technology, more events, and more quiet spaces to just relax, read, and study. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so we can customize our new you! You'll also have a chance to sign up for future updates, so you can always have up to date information and learn about future events and chances to share your thoughts and ideas with us!
  4.  (optional, may be used for future Library updates)

  5. Do you live in the City of Irwindale?
  6. What is your age group?
  7. Are there any children under the age of 18 living at home?
  8. Do you have a library card for the Irwindale Public Library?
  9. How often do you visit the Irwindale Public Library?
  10. What is your primary mode of transportation?
  11. Why do you use the Library? (select as many as you like)
  12. If you do not use the Library, why not? (select as many as you like)
  13. Which of the following are important to you? (select as many as you like)
  14. On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you feel about the following enhancements with 1 being not important and 5 being very important.

  15. How do you find out what’s happening at the Library?
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  17. This project is supported in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.
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