Fee Schedule

City of Irwindale - Comprehensive Fee Schedule

Disclaimer: The Irwindale Police Department’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule is current as of the date indicated. As changes occur, the most current fees will be posted on our website in a timely manner. Contact the Records Bureau at (626) 430-2249 for current information.                 

(Posted February 24, 2020)

Cadet Services$13.00 per hour
Civilian Support Staff Services
$23.00 per hour
Dispatcher / Records Services$74.00 per hour
Police Officer Services$126.00 per overtime hourly rate
Police Corporal Services$153.00 per overtime hourly rate
Police Sergeant Services$172.00 per overtime hourly rate
Police Lieutenant Services$168.00 per hour
Administrative / Scheduling Fee20% added to Staff Services Invoice
Residential Alarm Permit$30.00
Commercial Alarm Permit$30.00
Alarm Monitoring Fee$100.00
False Alarm Response Fee (1-3 responses in one year)Free
False Alarm Response Fee (4th response in one year)$25.00 
False Alarm Response Fee (5th response in one year)$75.00
False Alarm Response Fee (6th response in one year)$150.00
Vehicle Storage Fee / Regular and Infraction Unlicensed Driver$75.00
Vehicle Storage Fee / Suspended and Misdemeanor Unlicensed Driver
Vehicle Storage Fee / DUI Driver
Vehicle Storage Fee / Recovered Stolen VehicleFREE
Repossession Fee$15.00
Towing Rate$105.00 per hour (per contract)
Daily Vehicle Storage Rate$27.00 per day (per contract)
Photocopies - 8.5 x 11 (Black & White or Color)$5.00 per copy
Audio/Video ReproductionActual cost plus 20% administrative fee
Electronic Data$1.00
Radio Log Copy$5.00
Lost Citation Copy$5.00
Disc Reproduction$10.00
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Copy$5.00
Basic Report Copy$0.50 per page
Arrest Report Copy$1.00 per page
Crime Report Copy$1.00 per page
Non-Injury Traffic Collision Report Copy$0.50 per page
Immigration and Naturalization Service Letters$10.00
Personal Property Release Letters$10.00
Warrant SearchFREE
Citation Verification / Inside Jurisdiction$10.00
Citation Verification / Outside Jurisdiction$15.00
Citation Verification - Fail to Display Handicap Placard$10.00
Live Scan Prints$75.00 plus 15% Administrative Fee
Witness Fee$275.00