Capital Improvement Projects

Project Types

Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) consist of preliminary study, design, and inspection. The projects are funded by Gas Tax, Prop C, Transit Revenue Sharing, community redevelopment agency (CRA), and state and federal funds. Types of projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Street construction
  • Traffic signals
  • Storm drains
  • Water and sewer systems
  • Parks
  • Operate and maintain the traffic signals
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance Program, which pays for the energy costs of operating traffic signs and safety lights and monitoring and maintenance of these devices. CalTrans and the county maintain these signals
  • Monitor and maintain traffic operation (speed survey, investigations, volume count)
  • Monitor and maintain traffic review (review traffic report, traffic control plans)
  • Administration of non-Capital Improvement Projects, parcel maps, subdivisions, and grading permits
  • Agreement projects (dedications, waivers, covenants, lot line adjustment, encroachment license)
  • Review and approve the plans for public works improvement by private developers
  • Inspections (driveway, sidewalk, sewer, storm drain, water line)
  • Check and review lot splits and tract maps
  • Maintain and monitor the Storm Water Management Program (NPDES)
  • Maintain and operate the citywide recycling program (AB-939)
  • Maintain and operate Waste Management Program (residential refuse contracts and business / commercial refuse haulers)
  • Maintain direct contact with the officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Caltrans, County of Los Angeles Sanitation District, and public utility companies
  • Monitor mining sites and mining activities throughout cities
  • Congestion Management Program (CMP)