AB 341 - Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Assembly Bill (AB) 341 - Recycling Law

Businesses, public entities, and multi-family housing complexes in the State of California are required by law to begin or continue recycling activities.

Who Must Recycle

State law requires the following businesses to arrange for recycling services:

  • Any business that generates four cubic yards or more of waste per week
  • Multi-family communities with five or more units

How to Arrange for Recycling Services

Option 1:

Businesses may donate, sell, and/or make other arrangements for pick up and recycling of the materials. This includes hauling materials with the company’s work forces to recycling facilities.

Option 2:

Contact the city’s exclusive franchise hauler, Athens Services, to discuss mixed waste collection services and available programs. Through our exclusive franchise agreement, Athens Services is solely to be used when paying for recycling services.


AB 341 does not mandate a diversion goal for businesses, it simply requires that they implement a commercial recycling program. AB 341 requires the City of Irwindale to inform the business or public entity of the state requirement to recycle and how to recycle in its jurisdiction.

For more information on AB 341, please click Mandatory Commercial Recycling flyer (PDF) or contact Aundrea Alvarado in the Public Works Department at 626-653-3692.