Accounts Payable


The Accounts Payable Division is responsible for the receiving, processing, and payment of all vendor invoices paid by the City and all its affiliated entities. The City of Irwindale maintains a centralized accounts payable and accounts receivables system. What this means is that all vendor invoices are: received at one location by the Finance Department, sorted and routed to departments for formal approval, and once all proper approvals have been obtained, Accounts Payable verifies approved invoices, processes and prepares warrant check, and remits payment to vendor in a timely and efficient manner.  

Outlined below are some frequently asked questions ("FAQs") with regard to the City's accounts payable process.

Where do I send my invoices to?

The City of Irwindale maintains a centralized accounts payable system. Please send all invoices to:

City of Irwindale

Attn: Finance Department

City of Irwindale, CA 91706

In addition, in our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and more efficient in the processing of invoices, we are encouraging all our vendors to submit their invoices electronically and email them to Accounts Payable. You may email Accounts Payable at

When are checks mailed to vendors?

Checks are mailed to vendors twice a month. For all approved vendor invoices, warrant checks must go on the City's warrant register at the upcoming City Council meeting for formal City Council approval. The City Council meets twice a month, every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, and must approve all warrant checks. Once all warrant checks are approved by Council, we strive to mail all warrant checks the next day on Friday. 

Please refer to the following Accounts Payable Calendar for the City's processing deadlines and to best estimate when warrant checks are mailed by.

Please note that all approval deadlines are best estimates, and we cannot guarantee any exact check payment date. 

How long does it take to mail a check to a vendor for services rendered or items purchased by the City?

The City has a net 30 days payment policy upon "receipt" of invoice. In order to ensure timely receipt of payment, we encourage our vendors to send their invoices electronically to Accounts Payable at In addition, please refer to the Accounts Payable Calendar for important processing dates.

What do I do if I'm a new vendor?

For all new vendors, we require all vendors the City conducts business with to complete and submit a W-9 Form to the City. Please complete W-9 and provide to Accounts Payable to ensure timely processing of invoices.

Contact Information:

Accounts Payable

City of Irwindale, CA 91706

Telephone: 626-430-2222