Housing Programs

Home Ownership Program (HOP)

The Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC) offers assistance for first-time homeowners through their Home Ownership Program (HOP). For information on the HOP program as well as other programs offered through the CDC, please call 323-890-7281 or visit the county's website. The city does not directly administer or fund these programs. For your convenience, a brochure regarding these programs is available in the Community Development Department.

Housing Economic Recovery Ownership Program

Commencing March 2009, the CDC will provide assistance to first-time home buyers through the implementation of its Housing Economic Recovery Ownership (HERO) program. The program will help home buyers purchase abandoned and foreclosed homes in eligible locations located within HERO census tracts.

To participate, you must obtain a HERO brochure and review the program highlights and requirements. You can call and request a brochure at 323-890-7281 or by visiting their website. Only foreclosed and abandoned properties in designated census tracts are eligible to be purchased through the program.

After you review the program highlights, you must contact one of the approved participating lenders to be pre-qualified. You must inform the lender that you want to use the Los Angeles County HERO Program for assistance. Approved lenders are listed in the brochure. The program is administered by the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission, which can be reached at 323-890-7281.